SF Dump in Video

Take 5 minutes and check out my video now on YouTube. It’s a cool way to experience scavenging at the SF Dump without getting dirty.


Sanchez Art Center Exhibits Recology’s Collection

Life has been so busy since concluding my residency at Recology! Some of work created during that time has become part of their permanent collection and will be traveling around the Bay Area to various venues. Below are pics of one of the shows curated by Recology and displayed at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, CA.

“Contained Spaces” – looking hot!

Another residency artist from 2003. I need to research the name.

Cool image of Nemo Gould’s piece. His residency was in 2007.

SoEx’s Monster Draw 2010

Packed as usual, the Monster Draw was full of talented artists putting it on the line to help raise money for Southern Exposure. This event happened back in February, but it’s still worth noting with a couple of pics!

Redemption – SF Dump Opening

Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for coming out to support myself and Erik Otto in our two person show at Recology (aka: The Dump) this past weekend. There was a packed crowd Friday night, thanks to the press we got in the Chronicle’s 96 Hours and a mention on KQED’s Things to Do segment last week! The work looked great and the place was packed! Many came out braving the rainy weather to get to the Residency’s Gallery space. Check out the images below to get a sense of the evening.

The Gallery Space just before the Opening Friday, 1/22.

Installations just before the doors open.

Early crowd.

Over 500+ people came out to the show Friday night, braving all the bad weather!

“Construction on” vintage book paper.

“Reclining Still” in colored pencil.

One panel of  “Contained Spaces”.

A second panel of “Contained Spaces”.

It was an amazing Opening evening and the Residency was a transformative experience overall. Thank you to the entire staff at the Dump: Deborah, Micah, James, Amelia and Sharon, who all made the experience so much richer and easier. To the men who worked beside me scavenging, and to all of my friends, family and fans who make what I do so incredibly rewarding.


I am finally at the end of my Residency at the SF Dump (recently renamed Recology) and my show is this weekend. It’s been an amazing and transforming experience for me and for the direction of my work. Check out some of the image teases below and come out and celebrate with me at the Dump this Friday, 5-9 pm and Saturday, 1-5 pm (1/22 & 23) at Recology, 503 Tunnel Ave., Brisbane, CA 94134

Wall Work

Hey There Everyone!

I’ve had visitors from all over the world and throughout the US checking out my website and blog to see what’s going on with the SF Dump Residency. This weekend I began my wall mural of shredded packing paper, gutted more small electronic devices for the circuitry boards and metal, and continued to find little gems among the unending piles of trash at the Dump.

Life goes on and the Art never stops coming. . .



Experimenting & Expanding

I’m into the second month of my residency at the SF Dump, and though I’ve begun producing work for my show in January, I’m also pushing myself to play with new materials and see with more sensitivity and clarity when I go to scavenge. The images below are how I am seeing my work environment this week. I’ve also been invited to speak at a local college about my experience at the AIR Program and my process.


The Collection Site.



Something I’m playing with right now.


Something I might play with . . .